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Book Review: The Lost Wife

Book cover of The Lost Wife. Photo / Supplied
Book cover of The Lost Wife. Photo / Supplied

Newly married couple Lenka and Josef face a heartbreaking decision. Hitler is on the march and Josef and his family have managed to get passage on a ship bound for the United States. The only trouble is that there is only room for Lenka; she would have to leave her mother, father and little sister behind in Prague.

Lenka stays and the family is eventually moved to a Nazi ghetto.

In the meantime, the boat carrying Josef's family to safety sinks. And Josef's name is on the missing list.

The story tells of the horrors Lenka and her family go through before being moved to Auschwitz, where only Lenka survives through her skills as an artist.

Both believe the other dead and, although they each remarry, they never forget each other.

More than 60 years later at a wedding, Josef sees a number tattooed on an old lady's wrist. He can't believe he's found his lost wife.

The story is told through the eyes of both Lenka and Josef. They tell of their loss and their fight to survive, their marriages and their children.

A moving and beautifully told story.

The Lost Wife
by Alyson Richman, Hodder, $27.99


Topics:  book review, books

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